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Why Use Shopify for Your eCommerce Businesses

Starting your own online business? Venture into the world of eCommerce on the most resourceful platform yet.


Mobile user shopping online using Shopify.
Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform globally.

Successful entrepreneurship for eCommerce businesses involves making intelligent decisions about getting their products in the market. Creating an online presence and identifiable logo is key to ensuring consistent income generation and acquisition of new clients. The two alternatives available are developing a self-hosted platform or registering under a hosted (SaaS) platform.

Ease of Use

Instead of hosting your platform, which consumes a lot of time, energy, and resources, business owners prefer the Software as a Service platform. A hosted platform like Shopify is designed to help users build their online store. Processes are easy because eCommerce features are already built-in, and all information is stored within the platform.

There are plenty of features and themes (paid or free) to choose from and create customizable stores. The Shopify Theme Store has over 160 paid and free themes to help you create a fully customizable site. First-time users will benefit from using the University Guide provided.

Multiple Plans

Shopify gives its users a choice between three plans: Basic, Shopify, and Advanced. They have a monthly subscription for their services and charge between $29 to $299. Enterprises, merchants, and high-volume businesses subscribe to Shopify Plus, charging over $2,000 per month.

Most core features are available for all the Shopify plans. When you upgrade from the basic to Shopify plan or onwards, the business gets more staff accounts, advanced reporting solutions, and lower payment fee percentages.

App Integration

We can integrate over 4,000 apps with Shopify to create tailor-made user experiences. Adding functionality to your site is simplified. There are apps for customer wish lists, reviews, loyalty and shipping programs, marketing, and integration with accounting software.

Layoutbase is one application allowing you to build your Shopify store in less than an hour without needing to code. With their simple drag and drop formula, small and medium enterprises can follow pre-programmed steps to bring their site to life.

With assistance from apps such as Layoutbase, businesses on Shopify can rebuild their store by using a drag and drop tool. To get this quick tech help, download the Layoutbase app on Shopify Store, click "Add App," and add your store's URL.

Secure Payment

Multiple payment methods are acceptable to pay for products on Shopify. Customers can pay via credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay. Third-party payment platforms are supported but note that Shopify will charge some additional fees based on your subscription plan. Your site needs to be fast, secure, and online when dealing with sensitive data. Shopify takes the load off businesses by facilitating quick page loading and maintaining cart availability at all times. You can enable SSL certificates for your store to ensure a secure connection.


To ensure your business gets the visibility it deserves and attracts visitors, Shopify boasts robust Search Engine Optimization. These features influence website ranking in search results, making it easier for customers to find you. Advanced analytics provide valuable information about customers' origin, which helps with marketing.

Mobile optimization is mandatory for the success of any eCommerce business. More people use their phones to shop, and Shopify understands this fact. Customers can browse and shop seamlessly, thereby increasing engagement.

Unlimited Support

Using Shopify for your eCommerce business guarantees access to the Help Center, community forums, FAQ bank, and email support. Companies without a designated tech team to design and maintain the store can use the agencies and freelancers recognized by Shopify. For logistics, merchants can use ZTO Express, EF Locker, SF Express, or ShipAny to handle large orders.


Shopify has proven to be the ideal choice for eCommerce businesses looking to scale up globally. The evidence is in its international appeal, friendly interface, optimized systems, and app integration. Download the Layoutbase Page Builder and join us on the next webinar to learn how to create your complete online store in a few minutes. For more direct responses, contact us via email or phone today.

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