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Shopify Elements - Customer Form

The Customer Form helps you collect customer data, grow your database, and strengthen your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) efforts. This is your first step to building a strong long-term relationship with your audience and in turn increasing conversion rate.

Customer Form prerequisites:

Where to access data collected?

All data collected through the Customer Form is stored under the "Customers" tab in your Shopify admin page.

What customer information is collected?

The Customer Form has fields including customer email address and their last and first name by default. You can customize the form with the "Customer Form Field", "Customer Form Button", and other elements such as image, Youtube video, based on the purpose of your from.

In the customer detail page, you will see the email address, last name, and first name collected in the corresponding fields:

Adding a Customer Form to your Shopify store

In the Layoutbase app,

Step 1: Scroll down to the Shopify Form Element Section on the Element List panel on the left of your Layoutbase window

Step 2: Hover over the Customer Form element

Step 3: Drag & drop the Customer Form element to the page editor on the right

⚠️ Please note that both the Email or Name field (configured in the Customer Form Field) and the Customer Form Button must be present for the Customer Form to work.

Customer Form element Configuration

In the Customer Form element, the parameters under the General and Style Configuration allow you to customize the feedback message and the form’s appearance.

Select the element in the page editor and the configuration panel will show on the left.

General Configuration

Configure your Customer Form


​Submit Success Message

​The text will be displayed after successful form submission.

​Submit Fail Message

​The text will be displayed after form submission fails in any case.


​Hide in Desktop view

Show or hide this element in desktop view

​Hide in Tablet view

​Show or hide this element in tablet view

​Hide in Mobile view

​Show or hide this element in mobile view

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