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Shopify Elements - Contact Form

The Contact Form element allows you to build form pages to collect site visitors’ enquiries. More than a regular Contact Us page where customers leave brand and product queries, the Contact Form element offers ample flexibility for you to build job applications pages, gift redemption campaigns, customer surveys, and more. Messages from the form will be sent directly to your inbox.

Why use a Contact Form?

Providing an easy means for customers to contact you enhances brand trust, and by actively responding to customer queries, you improve conversion by directing them down the funnel to complete the sale. Using a Contact Form also has the added benefit of concealing your email address from spammers while getting messages from quality visitors.

Where to access the forms submitted?

All submissions via the Contact Form element are sent to the Sender email address of your store. You can change it under Store details in your Shopify admin settings.

What customer information is collected?

By default, the Contact Form collects customer's email address, their last and first name, and a message to you. You can customize the form under ‘Contact Form Field’. Other elements such as heading, text paragraphs, image, Youtube video are all customisable based on your needs.

Adding a Contact Form to your Shopify store

In the Layoutbase app,

Step 1: Scroll down to the Shopify Form Element Section on the Element List panel on the left of your Layoutbase window

Step 2: Find the Contact Form element

Step 3: Drag & drop the Contact Form element to the page editor on the right

⚠️ Please note that both the Email (configured in the Contact Form Field) and the Contact Form Button must be present for the ContactForm to work.

Contact Form element Configuration

In the Contact Form element, the parameters under General and Style allow you to customize the feedback message and the form’s appearance.

Select the Contact Form element in the page editor and the configuration panel will show up on the left.

General Configuration

Configuring your Contact Form


​Submit Success Message

Displayed when form submission is successful.

​Submit Fail Message

Displayed when form submission fails.


​Hide in Desktop view

Show or hide this element in desktop view

​Hide in Tablet view

​Show or hide this element in tablet view

​Hide in Mobile view

​Show or hide this element in mobile view

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