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Create a custom Shopify store with a page builder

No coding knowledge? No problem. Build professional and unique Shopify pages using Layoutbase, a drag-and-drop page builder application.


Website wireframe design
Design your own website without UXUI and coding knowledge.

Nowadays, you don't have to be proficient in UXUI or web development to own an impressive, customized online store; you just need the right tools and, in this case, a Shopify page builder app.

Intro to Shopify

Shopify is perhaps the most powerful online platform for retailers, particularly those in B2C. It helps them set up online stores with plenty of in-built features.

Shopify is open for all kinds of retailers, from beginners to experts, and they can sell their products online or in-person with Shopify POS (point-of-sale), a proprietary Shopify software that accepts payments and processes transactions.

Shopify gives retailers a 14-day trial period to test its features. With the free plan, you can download the free apps, establish your online store and even make your first sale if your advertising strategy is successful. Shopify offers business owners two main plans, namely Shopify Lite, priced at $9 per month, and Shopify Basic, priced at $29 per month.

What is a Shopify Landing Page Builder Application?

A Shopify landing page builder app is a 3rd party extension that helps you design your online store. A landing page app offers more comprehensive features compared to what you get in Shopify's built-in page builder.

Moreover, Shopify landing page apps have fewer restrictions than Shopify's built-in themes. Landing page apps allow you to design your online store by dragging and dropping elements as well as adding personalized buttons, headings, images, and lists.

Why Should You Use a Shopify Landing Page Builder App?

Shopify is a highly scalable B2C platform for retailers, but its in-built themes are not user-friendly. As a result, you need a page builder app to help you make the most of Shopify's advanced features. Some of the reasons you need a page builder include:

Better Conversion Rates

Improving your conversion rates on Shopify is based on trust. With the top Shopify landing page builder apps, you can increase a client's confidence in your online store because your website will seem more professional.

Better Web Design

The top Shopify landing page builder apps guarantee you have a better web design. A page builder app is an investment, but the ROI (return on investment) is remarkable.

Ease of Use

Drag-and-drop editing, a feature in the top landing page builder apps, means you can pick an element from a builder app's library and drop it on your page. You can personalize the margins to ensure your online store has a consistent look on all devices.


The best Shopify landing page builder apps help you integrate all the elements your online store needs. Sometimes this means adding 3rd party elements like embedded forms and trust badges. But it all comes down to helping you improve your online store.

Less Loading Time

The top Shopify page builder apps are optimized to deliver lightning-quick speeds to all pages on your online store. As a result, your site loads faster, and your clients aren't frustrated.

Lower Bounce Rate

A better UI means a lower bounce rate which translates to a better ranking for your online store on Google. The preferred bounce rate for online stores is between 20% and 30%, and the top Shopify landing page builder apps can help you achieve this rate.


When building your online store, you might encounter problems. Shopify landing page builder apps offer you support, sometimes 24/7, via email, live chats, and phone calls.

What are The Key Features of a Shopify Landing Page Builder App?

Shopify landing page builder apps are better than what Shopify offers. So which features should you expect from a Shopify landing page builder app?

  1. A broad catalog of elements

  2. A wide variety of themes

  3. Compatibility with other apps and extensions

  4. Drag-and-drop editing

  5. Professional editing with code

Other features you can get, albeit not essential, include:

  1. Bespoke features such as dynamic text

  2. Image Compression

  3. SEO (Search engine optimization)

To sum it all up, Shopify page builder applications take it a notch higher compared to what Shopify offers you with regard to web design. So if you're already on Shopify or want to join, you need a landing page builder app.

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