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How to use snippet?

Snippet allows you to easily re-use an element, section, or even an entire page.

You can re-use Snippet across your other pages.

How to create a snippet?
  1. Choose an element you want to save it.

  2. In the Element Toolbar (after you choose an element, it shows up), click on the center icon which is the Save snippet to the library.

  3. Give a name for a snippet, and choose or create a category.

  4. Click on the Save button.

create snippet.jpg
How to use a snippet?

You can find these in the saved Snippet of the editor's sidebar. Simply drag a Snippet from the sidebar into the page.


All of your copied elements will appear on the page.

use snippet.jpg
How to delete a snippet?

Just hit the trash can icon on the right of the snippet in the list to remove it from your library. 

delete snippet.jpg
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