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The #1 Page Builder for Shopify




Drag & drop editor

Drag & Drop Page Builder lets you create customizable pages. Add, delete and move elements of your website. No more coding and complicated back-end options.


Mobile responsive components

Building beautiful mobile responsive websites are easy with our pre-made components so you can ensure your pages are ready to convert customers to revenue.


Drive better conversion

Drive website conversions with fast loading time and fully customizable front-end components.

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Customize your pages

Create and customize any type of Page, including Homepage, Product Page, Collections Page, Blogs, Landing Page, Promotion Page, Contact Page and more.


Content scheduling

'Scheduled to Publish' function allows you to set different festive events, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. The page will automatically switch back to its original once it reaches the designated end time.


Switch site

Mutual pages function allows you to use the same saved page when you have multiple stores. It saves your time from building pages and allows you to expand your store quickly.



When you finished combining a set of component, you can save it as a Snippet. Next time when you build or edit a page, you can use the Snippet directly to save more time.


Shopify page compatible

It is compatible with all themes and apps. You can use your existing Shopify pages without starting over, which helps you face your customer in fast speed.


Responsive and mobile

The pages are responsible and mobile friendly. It support all kinds of devices, so your message is always clear no matter which screen size your audience is viewing from.


Revision history

With only one click, you can revert back to an older version, while also seeing who made changes.


Custom CSS

With the Custom CSS feature, you may create and edit the style of the pages with CSS coding.


Drag and Drop

Elements Library.


The easy-to-use and intuitive dragging tool enables merchant to build up any page and customize pages of their on-line store in no time.

Create High Converting Online Store with Layoutbase.
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